Dead Space 3 will feature drop-in drop-out cooperative play, according to an IGN source.

If joined by another player, series hero Isaac will be helped by a man with a glowing red eye and a scar. This new character will also have his won engineering rig.

When playing the game solo, the new character will act as Isaac's guide.

The introduction of a second playable character will also bring with it changes to the game, notably how Isaac is able to deal with the horrors of his third outing. When going it alone Isaac is said to be much more likely to have a breakdown and experience hallucinations, but with a second playable character by his side, he's able to better cope with these traumatic events.

Isaac is also said to be much nimbler than before, able to crouch behind cover and perform an evasive roll. He'll need his new moves too, with the game throwing a host of deadly necromorphs and human enemies into the mix.

Last year a source pointed to a move away from space for Dead Space 3. Isaac Clarke crash lands on the snow-covered planet Tau Volantis. Looking for shelter from the relentless snow Isaac makes his way to an abandoned waystation, where he finds a severely injured survivor who reveals there are other survivors that attempted to find another facility. One of these survivors is Ellie, a character from the original game. Isaac gears up in a snowsuit and heads out into the snow.

EA has said the game will be released during its current financial year, which ends March 31, 2013.