Dead Space 3 will say goodbye to space in favour of a more grounded experience on the icy planet Tau Volantis, a Siliconera source has revealed.

Without wanting to give away too much in the way of plot details, Isaac Clarke crash lands on the snow-covered planet. Looking for shelter from the relentless snow Isaac makes his way to an abandoned waystation, where he finds a severely injured survivor who reveals there are other survivors that attempted to find another facility. One of these survivors is Ellie, a character from the original game. Isaac gears up in a snowsuit and heads out into the snow.

Later in the game Isaac meets other characters and also climbs a mountain.

The enemies in Dead Space 3 are being referred to as "the hive mind," so make of that what you will.


Given Siliconera's source previously provided accurate info on Syndicate - an EA title - it's believed the Dead Space 3 information is also pretty accurate. The news also comes only a week after what looked like the Dead Space 3 logo was spotted on Israeli TV.