Dead Space 3 appears to have been outed by South African retailer BT Games, with the website now taking pre-orders for the sci-fi horror sequel.

EA is yet to announce the game, but BT Games does have a history of leaking information ahead of time: Mass Effect 3 multiplayer and the Jak & Daxter HD Collection.

Rumours of a third game in the Dead Space series have been circulating for months. Last year a source pointed to a move away from space.

Isaac Clarke crash lands on the snow-covered planet Tau Volantis. Looking for shelter from the relentless snow Isaac makes his way to an abandoned waystation, where he finds a severely injured survivor who reveals there are other survivors that attempted to find another facility. One of these survivors is Ellie, a character from the original game. Isaac gears up in a snowsuit and heads out into the snow.

It now seems like we're just waiting on an official announcement from EA.

Via Shacknews