Did you enjoy Dead Rising 2, but feel that it could have done with a few more zombies?

If you answered that question with a "Yes" you probably need your head examined, as the game already had thousands of the buggers. Still, here's one reason to be cheerful: Dead Rising: Off The Record will feature even more zombies.

"In places, we upped the density by at least 30 per cent," said executive producer Jason Leigh. "There are probably a few thousand zombies in any one environment."

On a more serious note, the revelation will probably please hardcore Dead Rising fans. An early tech demo for the game featured 7000 zombies on screen at once, but that had to be toned down for the final release.

Leigh added that one notorious Dead Rising bugbear has received another tweak:

"The checkpoint system is something that came out of feedback as well," he said. "Some people thought the save system was a little bit too harsh. So, we put in a checkpoint system that saves after key story events and boss battles.

"Beyond that, lots of little tuning to the game. Difficulty tuning for some of the bosses, the chef was called out as being brutally difficult. He's been toned down a little bit."

Dead Rising: Off The Record is a revamped version of Dead Rising 2, starring Frank West - star of the original game. It's out on October 14 in the UK.