Dead Rising 3 will launch for PC on September 5, Capcom has announced.

In addition, PC gamers can secure a 25 per cent lower price by ordering on Steam as part of the Summer Sale.

The PC release features support for "high PC resolutions with fully optimised visuals for the wide screen", including "upgraded textures on characters, backgrounds and in-game objects".

You also get support for Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud, Steam Trading Cards, leaderboards and the ability to enable players to switch between using a controller or keyboard and mouse "in real time".

The publisher has also moved to calm fan concerns over the game's optimisation for 30 frames per second.

"While Dead Rising 3 is optimised to run at 30 frames per second for gameplay reasons, you can expect it to still run fine uncapped under most conditions provided you have a capable enough hardware," explained developer wbacon on the Dead Rising 3 Steam forum.

"We can't guarantee that there won't be issues, and obviously depending on your rig you may see different results. Rest assured the beefier your gaming machine, the smoother your zombie killing experience will be."

Source: Steamcommunity

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