Dead or Alive 6 apparently wants to be less sexy and more cool

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The producer behind Dead or Alive 6 has spoke of his desire to change how the famed fighting series is perceived this time around, eschewing its 'sexy' trappings in favour of something more 'cool.' 

We're not sure how you can even define cool in video games in this day and age, but it sounds like there will be less emphasis on its ostentatious physics and more on how the game will actually play.

Speaking with Famitsu magazine (via DualShockers), Yohei Shimbori noted how Dead or Alive 6 employs a brand new game engine, affording a bunch of improvements such as enhanced lighting, skin textures, and facial animations.

Crucially, they're moving away from the 'soft engine,' which was pretty much all about boobs and bums. I mean, we all know Dead or Alive is a technically competent scrapper, but it's not as if its big selling point was actually the fighting. Right?

That's all set to change though, as Team Ninja wants Dead or Alive 6 to really accentuate the pain and gritty nature of fisticuffs. Shimbori-san also revealed that 4K resolution will be supported in the sequel.

Thanks to the new engine, combatants will show visual signs of a battle, with sweat, dirt, tears, and more all over their clothes and face. It's all based around the developer's goal of trademarking the series as what it labels 'Fierce Fighting Entertainment.'

Despite these changes, Shimbori noted that this doesn't mean the girls won't have any sex appeal, but the overall tone will be shifting going forward. 

Elsewhere, there also won't apparently be crossover characters at launch, and the team has yet to decide on what its post-launch plans will include.

Dead or Alive 6 is due out on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One in 2019.

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