Say hello to Tina and Christie, the final pair of Dead or Alive girls to strip down to their knickers to help promote Dead or Alive 5's bunny-style swimsuit pre-order promotion.

Tina and Christie take the total bikini-clad babe count to six, joining Kasumi, Ayane, Leifang and Hitomi in their furry beach undies.

Who has been your favourite?

Fans who pre-order the game can choose between two exclusive sets of in-game bunny-style swimsuits: the 'DOA Angels' set of white swimsuits for Kasumi, Leifang, and Hitomi, or the 'DOA Devils' black swimsuits for Christie, Tina, and Ayane.

Dead or Alive 5 launches on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 28.