Dead or Alive 5 Plus will release in the UK on March 22, 2013, Tecmo Koei has revealed.

The PlayStation Vita port, which was previously only dated for Japan, will include a Vita-exclusive first-person fighting mode and additional touch-screen controls, allowing players to pull off moves and combos via swipes and taps.

Developer Team Ninja also hopes to achieve parity with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Dead or Alive 5 by maintaining the home console version's "high-quality visuals" and delivering a 60fps frame rate.

"It's still in the development phase," DOA5 Plus producer Yosuke Hayashi told Famitsu (via, "but right now the current build we have runs at almost 60 frames per second.

"We do not want the Vita port be seen by players as being inferior to the console versions, so we want to keep the game's high-quality visuals and have it run silky smooth."

It isn't yet known, however, whether the game will include all of DOA5's previously released DLC, either - including today's skimpy Santa content.

More information on Dead or Alive 5 Plus is expected early in the new year.