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Dead by Daylight introduces new killer The Huntress, in A Lullaby in the Dark DLC

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Starbreeze Studios has released a trailer of the new chapter for Dead by Daylight, called A Lullaby in the Dark that’ll be coming to the PC this Thursday. In this new chapter, the new killer, The Huntress, will be unleashed on a new map, and there’ll also be a new survivor fending for his life. A Lullaby in the Dark will also be coming to the PS4 and Xbox one in the coming weeks. Just like all the DLC released for Dead by Daylight previously, this’ll be a free content update for all formats.

As with all Dead by Daylight’s updates, there’ll also be a new map called Mother’s Dwelling for The Huntress to erm… hunt the new survivor David King. It all seems delightfully cliché, with the whole lullaby, axe and rabbit mask malarkey. But it could well be interesting having a broad-shouldered, axe-flinging lass sticking it to the man, literally. We’ll see. Perhaps Mother’s Dwelling is a nod to the fact David is being hunted by his deranged mum? That would be amazing. But that’s just me twisting the truth.

Anyway, the new update is out on July 27 for PC, and shortly afterwards on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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