DC Universe Online's next major DLC will be available for PC and PS3 on March 13. As revealed by PC Gamer, Battle for Earth will feature the new Earth Powers set alongside a raid to defend Wonder Woman's island of Themyscira.

Featured in the raid will be mythical creatures such as Cyclops, Hydra, and Colossus, as well as Chimeric Brainiacs.

South Gotham Brainiac Invasion on the other hand will have users chasing Brainiac out of Batman's city.

The new Earth Power set, the ninth available so far, can be used for tanking and damage, while Geokinesis will let users shape Earth constructs or use Seismic powers to stun enemies.

Legendary members to DC Universe Online will get Battle for Earth for free, while free-to-play users will have to pay a currently unknown price.

DC Universe Online went free-to-play late last November and immediately saw a burst of 120,000 new users.