by on Mar 18, 2019

Days Gone Photo Mode detailed, and it’s coming at launch

The developer behind Days Gone has blown the lid off the game's impressive-looking Photo Mode, which aims to give players the feeling 'they are using and manipulating a real camera in the real world.'

The best bit? The Photo Mode will be available for Days Gone when it launches late next month. No waiting around for a patch here, folks!

Sony Bend has confirmed that the Photo Mode will make full use of Days Gone's day/night cycle, which offers various weather types and ample opportunities to snap some jaw-dropping vistas in the game's open world. It'll include 'all the features that people expect' from a Photo Mode, so there's plenty of tools available to you.

Players will be able to tinker with biker and character visibility, as well as choose from a selection of varied facial expressions. Meanwhile, there's nine custom frames up for grabs in the Frames & Presets, plus Days Gone logo options, and 18 filter presets. You can also use the Lens panel to tweak Field of View, Focal Distance, Aperture, and Film Grain. 

Sony Bend's also added a meaty Advanced Mode, which houses a bunch of cool features including Bloom, Color Grading, and Color Depth Grading panels. Be sure to read up more on the game's Photo Mode on the PlayStation Blog.

Days Gone will be infecting PlayStation 4 on April 26, and went gold just last week.


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