One day, we'll be able to control games using only the power of our mind, Heavy Rain director David Cage has suggested.

Speaking to Shortlist, Cage revealed that he was "very interested in the recent breakthrough of 3D helmets, which will give the illusion of a huge 3D screen in your living room," but that "brain control is something achievable for the future."

"I mean, we already see interesting experiments in labs, such as when scientists send images to the brain of a blind person, enabling them to 'see'," he continued. "When this happens on a wider scale there will be no need for controllers any more. Just think about what you want to do on screen and your character will do it."

Has Cage finally lost it, or could he be onto something...?

Beyond brain-frazzling technical innovations, though, all Cage really wants for the future of games is more meaningful content.

"The revolution I want for video games, however, is content," he continued. "Most games are based on violence these days, and I'm tired of it. I would like games to be more innovative, to target a more mature audience and broach more meaningful, human topics.

"Modern day interactivity offers a unique approach for the player by making him an actor rather than a passive watcher, and I'm convinced, with time, we can grow up and give much more than we currently do."

David Cage is currently working on psychological thriller Beyond: Two Souls, due for release on PlayStation 3 early next year.

Source: Shortlist