During Geoff Keighley's Live @ E3 show, video game auteur David Cage spoke about Quantic Dream's upcoming PS4 game Detroit: Become Human.

The game takes place in a world about 20 years from now, where androids who are very human-like are seen as second-class citizens. Quantic Dream garnered many fans (and many detractors) with their titles Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. While the studio's games have their flaws, they are generally interesting projects, with something to say — they just fluff their words, sometimes.

In the video below you can see an excitable Cage speak with The Game Awards' Keighley on how Quantic Dream's writer and director has penned a 2,000 page script. The performance capture is all in the can too, and took about a year to film. Quantic Dream is currently tweaking the game, 'making it more playable, and more fun,' apparently.

Detroit: Become Human will be available on PlayStation 4 when it launches.

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