Introversion has announced that Darwinia+, featuring revamped versions of Darwinia and Multiwinia, is to be released on Xbox LIVE Arcade on February 10 priced 1200 MS Points.

"We have come to think of Darwinia+ as the Director's Cut as it has surpassed our expectations of what we were originally looking to create and now looks and feels smoother than ever," said the developer. "As Darwinia+ is our first adventure onto a games console this also marks an extra special celebration for Introversion."

Over thousands of generations the peaceful Darwinians have been evolving in a beautiful digital world, but now their whole way of life is under threat from a devastating computer virus that has infected their world and decimated their numbers. It's up to the player to lead them into battle to recapture their lost world.

For a behind the scenes look at Introversion check out the produced documentary on the independent studio.