White label developers, Introversion have released a demo of their latest title, Darwinia. Downloadable from the official website (here) the game is an interesting blend of RTS and puzzle elements and has a story that involves "a tribe of videogame sprites trapped in a modern 3d world". This old-meets-new setting is built upon using brilliant 80's themed graphics and wonderful self-referential videogame humour. Air strikes with Space Invaders anyone? Genius.

For those unfamiliar with the name, Introversion are an bunch of guys who take games programming back to its roots in the bedrooms of Britain and work to their own agendas rather than having to answer to the market demands of a publisher. Their last project, Uplink was an interesting experiment in the world of computer hacking and resource management and was well received in the press as well as by the seventeen people who bought it.

The full game is due out on 4/03/05 although the site is taking pre-orders now for those who just can't wait to type in their credit card details.

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