Vigil Games' next title could be a first-person shooter, a new job ad for the studio has suggested.

According to the ad, the Darksiders II developer is currently looking to hire a senior gameplay programmer with a "deep knowledge (professionally or as a gamer) of FPS mechanics and gameplay".

The job ad also says that the ideal candidate would be "an avid FPS gamer with strong interest in pushing the genre forward creatively," and would consider "prior experience working on an FPS title" as a plus.

Last month, THQ's newly-appointed president Jason Rubin suggested that he wanted to get Vigil on "other very interesting games" besides the Darksiders series.

However, talking to last week, lead designer Haydn Dalton said that Rubin's quote had been "taken slightly out of context".

"I don't read that straight away and go, 'He doesn't want us to do Darksiders any more'," Dalton continued.

"The only people who can really shape if we do Darksiders or not is basically the public. If we come out and it does really well then I think it's really compelling; we can't not come out and maybe do something else in the Darksiders franchise.

"If Jason's sat there and we go and sell 4 or 5 million units, I'm pretty sure he won't say, 'Let's go and do something different now'."

THQ owns the rights to multiple first-person IPs, including Homefront and Metro: Last Light. Red Faction also started out as a first-person shooter.