Mike Harradence by on Jan 21, 2019

Dark Souls Trilogy Collector’s Edition revealed for Europe

The Dark Souls Trilogy is officially coming to Europe, but Bandai Namco Games has something extra special in store for those of you who are totally minted. Say hello to the Dark Souls Trilogy Collector's Edition, which costs a whopping £449.99 and comes out two months after the standard version of the trilogy.

Available exclusively on Bamco's European store, the Collector's Edition includes Dark Souls 1-3 as you'd expect, all of the DLC release to date, but the real highlight is the 34cm, hand-painted Elite Knight at the Bonfire statue. You also get six soundtrack CDs and a 460-page Dark Souls Compendium.

Unsurprisingly, the set is pretty rare; only 2,000 units will be manufactured, so if you have got the cash to splash, you'll need to get in pretty sharpish to secure your copy.

The Dark Souls Trilogy is due for release on March 1 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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