Dark Souls beats ICO in Japanese chart

Dark Souls beats ICO in Japanese chart
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From Software’s Dark Souls, published in the UK by Namco Bandai, has shot to the top of the Japanese video game chart, shifting an impressive 279,567 units in its debut week.

The game easily outclassed ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Collection which made it to No.2 with 91,902 units sold. Gears of War 3 also made a remarkably solid showing at No.4 with 56,113 units – not bad for an Xbox 360 game in Japan.

1. Dark Souls (From, PS3): 279,567 – NEW

2. ICO/Shadow of the Colossus Limited Box (SCE, PS3): 91,902 – NEW

3. Yu-gi-oh 5D’s Tag Force 6 (Konami, PSP): 64,350 – NEW

4. Gears of War 3 (Microsoft, Xbox 360): 56,113 – NEW

5. Dragon Quest Collection (Square Enix, Wii): 54,775 (Life to date: 318,174)

6. Senran Kagura (MMV, 3DS): 52,206 – NEW

7. Busou Shinki Battle Masters Mk.2 (Konami, PSP): 32,318 – NEW

8. ToHeart2 DX Plus (Aqua Plus, PS3): 24,429 – NEW

9. Tales of Xillia (Namco Bandai, PS3): 22,484 (595,386)

10. Champion Jockey Gallop Racer & G1 Jockey (Tecmo Koei, PS3): 18,281 – NEW

In the hardware battle it is the 3DS which continues its stranglehold on the chart, moving 70,159 units, a 12,000 unit increase over the previous week. PS3 is slightly up at 39,061 and the release of Gears 3 boosted Xbox 360 sales from 1,295 units to 3,897 units.

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