Cut the Rope: Time Travel, the sequel to the hugely successful Cut the Rope, is now available to download on iOS and Android, ZeteoLab has announced.

In the new game loveable monster Om Nom uses a time machine to go way back in time to discover his roots, teaming up with his candy-obsessed ancestors along the way.

As players cut the ropes and collect stars, they'll unlock levels with challenging new gameplay elements, feeding not one, but two hungry green monsters. First they'll travel through the Middle Ages, then into the Renaissance, and then onto a pirate ship where they'll face exploding bombs and bouncing platforms. Players will then venture to Ancient Egypt, visit Ancient Greece, and finally travel to the Stone Age to visit Om Nom's dino ancestors.

New episodes of the Om Nom Stories animated series will integrate into the game to link each time period together.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is priced 69p on iOS for iPhone and £1.99 for iPad. Google Play devices can buy the game for a cheaper 62p, Amazon users are charged 65p and those with a Nook device will have to pay £1.85.

Source: Press release