Cultist Simulator has been fully funded on Kickstarter over the weekend. A narrative game featuring cards and eldritch, 1920s themed mystery, Cultist Simulator is the new project from Alexis Kennedy. Kennedy created Fallen London and founded Failbetter Games (known for Sunless Sea and, now, Sunless Skies, which is in early access), and Cultist Simulator looks as exquisitely weird as you might expect from looking at Kennedy's CV. 

'There's some Cthulhu Mythos in here,' says Kennedy, on the Kickstarter page. 'But there's less cosmic nihilism than Lovecraft, and more perilous longing.'

Kennedy has now moved on to some 'wholesome stretch goals', after feedback from backers that they didn't want any ambitious goals that might 'imperil the project' (and, for full disclosure, I have backed the project myself).

Stretch goals reached so far include Kennedy making his girlfriend 'an especially nice cup of tea' and buying a 'Gelatinous Worm God' for his daughter (Gelatinous Worm God here meaning a giant gummy worm). Later goals include baking 'a specifically occult cake.'

Kennedy is the only person working on Cultist Simulator full-time, though he is using freelancers for aspects of the UX, art, and music. Cultist Simulator is currently estimated to arrive in May 2018. 

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