Crytek, developer of Crysis and the CryEngine, hopes that there will be a market for core gaming on the Wii U, but isn't sure it's part of Nintendo's strategy. Speaking to NowGamer, CryEngine's director of global business development, Carl Jones also said that the Wii U is "something we're really interested in."

When asked directly about the possibility of a market for core gaming on the Wii U, Jones was hopeful but quite realistic.

"I really hope so but I don't think it's a necessary part of their strategy. The Wii is great at the games people like playing on it. I'm not sure yet what Nintendo's strategy might be for hardcore.

"I don't know if we'll see flagship core titles on that platform - as a fan of Nintendo I'd love to see it personally, but I also enjoy playing the non-core titles a great deal.

"Whether or not we need core titles as well, we'll see. That'll be up to the consumer. But if you can get the same visual quality from Wii U as from other platforms, then why not?"

Jones expressed how interested Crytek is in the Wii U and also detailed why the studio couldn't support the Wii.

"It's something we're really interested in. There are a load of Nintendo fans at Crytek, right up to the top of the company. We were unfortunately unable to support the last generation of Wii because it would have been quite an engineering effort to take the engine down to that level of hardware," said Jones.

"So we were quite excited to see a new level of hardware come out that we think we can support, do some good stuff with, and it's something we're currently experimenting with."

Having said all that, Jones stated that he hasn't seen Wii U dev kits yet.

Gearbox told that it received Wii U dev kits two months before E3 and has also indicated the Wii U is capable out higher texture resolutions than PS3 and Xbox 360.

Is Jones merely stopping speculation or does Crytek really not have Wii U dev kits yet? As one of the leading game development engine studios, it would surely make sense for Nintendo to get CryEngine 3 running on Wii U.

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