Paying $544,000 to acquire the rights to Homefront was "a steal", Crytek producer Michael Read has told, before suggesting that other Crytek studios could contribute to the development of the upcoming sequel alongside Crytek UK.

"We spent a lot of time and a lot of money working with THQ on this IP," Read told shortly after Crytek acquired the rights to Homefront.

"We had to turn around and go, do we want to bring this in-house? Is this something that's worth our time? And we felt it was. We paid just over half a million a dollars for it, which is kind of a steal for an IP that had a lot of push behind it."

Crytek bought the rights to the Homefront IP during THQ's assets auction earlier this month. Prior to THQ's collapse, Crytek had been working with the publisher to develop Homefront 2 after the original game's developer Kaos Studios was closed.

"[Homefront] was one of those games that people were like, it was there, but it wasn't there," Read continued. "It almost hit the mark, and... We're far along, I've seen a lot of it and it looks awesome."

When asked whether additional Crytek studios could contribute to development of Homefront 2 now that Crytek has control over the IP, Read replied: "Possibly."

Neither platforms or a release date for Homefront 2 have yet been announced.

As well as discussing Homefront 2, Read also talked about the future of Crysis and alluded to Crytek's strategy heading into the new console cycle.

Source: Interview conducted during an EA-hosted event held in London on January 29, 2013.