EA and Crytek's Crysis, the open-world PC shooter from 2007, looks set to be making an appearance on PS3 and Xbox 360, according to a listing for the games by the ESRB.

The release of Crysis 2, built using the console-friendly CryEngine 3, appears to have paved the way for console versions of the hit PC FPS.

Only last week a rating from the Korean games regulatory board indicated Crysis was coming to consoles, but failed to list specific platforms.



It's hard to believe the ratings exist without the game being real. Of more interest will be if the 2007 title has been ported across to CryEngine 3 - presumably the case for consoles - and whether we'll see a revamped version for PC too.

We assume such a revamped release would include both the original game and the follow-up, Crysis Warhead. We awarded Crysis 9/10 in our 2007 review, and gave the semi-sequel, Crysis Warhead, the exact same score.