This winter fledgling fashionistas will be given the opportunity to become a huge name in the world of fashion on the Nintendo DS, in Fashion Designer: Style Icon.

Players take the role of a young designer eager to make it in the competitive world of fashion and progress through a career from training school, through graduation and beyond. Following graduation players can start a workshop, accept private design contracts, supply small boutiques and set up mail order companies. The best designers will also be able to supply outfits to the stars.

Career mode is mission based and offers players the chance to present their creations in catalogues and movie posters, even giving players the ability to select which supermodels, hairstyles and creations will strut their stuff on the catwalk.

Player performance is rated on a number of factors including tailoring time, design choices and accuracy, all of which are essential in becoming a successful designer.

The game will also feature a freestyle mode, where designers can create outfits however and whenever they want; multiplayer wireless design-offs; and a host of unlockable patterns, fabrics, accessories and supermodels.

Fashion Designer: Style Icon is in development at Creative Patterns and is scheduled for release for Nintendo DS in November.