Cosplaying Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki just got easier

Cosplaying Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki just got easier
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Persona’s publisher Atlus and character designer Shigenori Soejima are collaborating with clothing company Cospa to produce Ann Takamaki’s signature hoodie. While it’s still in development, there are some cool pictures of the long white top, complete with green four-leafed clover on the hood. It’s currently planned to be out in Japan in January next year for pre-orders, and general release in February.

The top is available through the Atlus shop, where you can already buy other bits of the Shujin Academy uniform (including the blazer), so you can really easily complete Ann’s signature daytime look. If you want to get her red panther catsuit, however, you and your PVC are probably on your own. 

The hoodie is available now for 18,500 yen (excluding tax), which converts to around £120, depending on how terribly the pound is doing on any given week. Check out the gallery of images below for a look, or head to the shop.