The next regular game in the Resident Evil franchise - presumably Resident Evil 6 - promises to be something entirely new.

Masachika Kawata, producer of squad-based shooter Resident Evil: Raccoon City, told Spanish site MarcaPlayer (via a translation by Rely on Horror): "The series will see a complete renovation with the next entry on every level. But we can't forget about all the previous entries that have led to the creation of many possibilities for the franchise.

"I can't say if we're going to make it survival horror or a shooter, but I can say that it'll be totally new."

Resident Evil 5 had a mixed reception, with most criticism focussing on its departure from the horror genre and the somewhat archaic control system. We expect the controls to be overhauled in the next game, but whether or not Capcom returns to the franchise's horror roots is anyone's guess.