Company of Heroes could move out of WWII

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Company of Heroes could move out of the World War II-era for a third game, Relic has told, revealing that a third game in the series could be set “in modern times in Fallujah”.

“The original [Company of Heroes] was very World War II-focussed and also very Western Front-focussed,” Company of Heroes 2’s game director Quinn Duffy told while discussing plans for the sequel at a THQ press day last week.

“We essentially wanted to capture Saving Private Ryan. So we went back and looked at the levels of game vision [for Company of Heroes 2] – what we wanted to achieve and also making it kind of agnostic.

“As we go forward, if we wanted to do Company of Heroes 3 in 2190 we could,” Duffy continued, “because we know what we want to do to make it feel like a Company of Heroes game.”

Later, Duffy added: “We wanted to take the element of WWII out of the creative vision and focus for the game moving forward. It is setting-agnostic. Company of Heroes doesn’t have to be a World War II game. You can set it in modern times in Fallujah, you could set it in the past.”

Duffy revealed that he had a “love” for military history, saying that there is an “unlimited number of stories to tell” on the subject.

“The human race is really good at killing each other,” he continued, “and as terrible as that is, it gives us an opportunity to deliver on history and a really compelling narrative.”

Company of Heroes 2 follows the plight of the Russian military fighting on the Eastern Front, implementing new ‘Coldtech’ technology to simulate extremely cold weather.

While discussing the studio’s weather technology, Duffy further hinted that Relic would be open to experimenting with the effect of extreme heat in future games.

The idea for Company of Heroes 2, however, initially started as an expansion pack for the original game, Duffy revealed.

“We looked at doing an Eastern Front expansion pack way back,” he added, “and just couldn’t achieve the stuff we wanted to with the technology that we had.”

Company of Heroes 2 is due for release on PC in 2013. To read the rest of VideoGamer’s interview with Duffy, click here.

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