Company of Heroes 2 will receive the free Turning Point DLC update on November 12, SEGA and Relic Entertainment have announced.

Turning Points includes:

World Builder: This highly requested community feature enables players to design and share their own epic multiplayer maps for Company of Heroes 2

Two New Multiplayer Maps: The game's multiplayer roster is being bolstered with two additional multiplayer maps, the industrial 'Rails and Metal' and the urban 'Lazur Factory'

Four New Multiplayer Commanders: Four new Commanders, two per faction, are being introduced into the game's multiplayer and skirmish modes. One Commander from each faction was designed by members of the Company of Heroes 2 community during a visit to Relic this summer and will be available via registration at

"We are excited to provide such a large content update to Company of Heroes 2 players," said Greg Wilson, executive producer at Relic Entertainment. "We are particularly proud to offer our community the much sought-after World Builder and are hoping to provide Steam Workshop integration and other mod features in the near future."

Take a look at the new Lazur Factory map in the trailer below.


Source: Press release