The Collector's Edition will include a host of bonus material, including the epic soundtrack by gaming legend Jeremy Soule, the official novel by Anthony Reynolds, and a 24-page artbook. Soule has previously provided music for games including Guild Wars, Morrowind, Prey and Total Annihilation.

The limited edition Collector's Edition will be in shops priced at £49.99 and will be joined by the standard edition available for £34.99. Both versions will go on sale from November 24.

Contents of the Collector's Edition:

  • Elaborate, large-sized special box
  • Metal symbol - the collector's item for all Warhammer fans! One of four limited Chaos symbols is contained in every box
  • The official novel by Anthony Reynolds - the enthralling background story to the game (in English)
  • Flag holder including one printed banner and three to paint
  • Poster with the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos motif
  • Sticker set with artwork from the game
  • Comprehensive, all-colour manual
  • New: Soundtrack CD with music by Jeremy Soule (more than 20 songs)
  • New: 24-page artbook