Codemasters will be "focussing on authentic racing games for the foreseeable future", GRID Autosport's chief game designer James Nicholls has told, suggesting that future Codemasters racers - like the widely rumoured DiRT 4 - could return to their roots and opt for a more realistic approach to motorsport.

"We're proud of what we achieved with GRID2, and we accomplished what we wanted to by bringing the series to a wider audience," Nicholls told us in an interview published yesterday. "However, I think some of our community felt we had abandoned them, which is definitely not what we planned or intended."

GRID 2 and some of the later games in the DiRT series were criticised by some for focussing on glitzy events rather than offer the level of authenticity found in earlier Codemasters titles.

"But we do listen, and hearing how passionately people felt about a relative lack of motorsports content, the removal of in-car views and some feedback we had about our online game convinced us that we could use the technology and the team at our disposal to make the kind of game that this core fan base wanted," Nicholls continued. "This coincided nicely with a broader decision at Codemasters to focus on more authentic racing games, which will carry forward to future titles as well."

He added: "Codemasters Racing is definitely focussing on authentic racing games for the foreseeable future."

DiRT's chief game designer Paul Coleman suggested back in January that the next DiRT could be more rally-oriented with a greater emphasis on longer point-to-point courses.

GRID Autosport was announced yesterday and sees the series revise its focus on track racing and reintroduce realistic in-car views.

The game launches on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on June 27. Want to find out more about GRID's future? Head through the following link for our full interview with Nicholls.