Codemasters has responded to some rather heated complaints about apparent "phoney" race AI in the publisher's recently released F1 2010.

Some of the game's more hardcore players have been posting their problems with the game on the Codemasters forums, notably in a 23 page thread titled, "Confirmed Race AI Phoney".

While Codemasters is working to resolve known bugs, it insists AI issues are not being reported accurately.

"As you are aware work is on-going towards a patch for the game, and we will release details on this as we move through the patch creation process," explain a forum post by Codemasters. "Your constructive feedback has been invaluable in helping us both identify and work to resolve issues with the game, and we appreciate your detailed posts.

"Some of the identified issues have led (understandably) to people making assumptions about the game that are not accurate, so we felt that in order to reassure you and explain better the process which we are going through at the moment, we'd address a few common queries, in particular relating to AI. In putting this post together, we spoke to various people from across the development team, including the leads and specialists who are working directly on addressing the issues that have been raised.

"The AI system implemented in F1 2010 is very complex, and is certainly not scripted in any way. Every AI driver is trained with a series of race behaviours such as overtaking, defending a position and slipstreaming etc. On top of these behaviours we have a unique set of characteristics. These characteristics are defined per driver so you'll notice some subtle differences. Some drivers are better at race starts or are better at overtaking (they look for narrower gaps), or are better in the rain, or are more aggressive, or are better around certain race tracks. We also have a system which can make certain drivers have a particularly good or bad race depending on a number of factors. All of this driver variance is of course combined with the cars themselves also having varying levels of performance."

The post goes into much more detail about many of the issues players have raised, so is worth checking out.

As for when the bugs will be fixed, Codemasters says it's working on a patch.