Codemasters has relaunched the official Codies Blog, weeks after it was taken offline alongside the publisher's official forums.

The publisher aims for the blog to offer a "more honest" look at the company and deliver a "behind the scenes look" at Codemasters.

"The most important change we want to make comes with the tone we want to set," reads a post on the blog, "we want to be much more honest and open about what we are doing as a company, we want to get to know you guys better and in turn we want to share our love for gaming and motorsport with you all.

"We also want to give you a more behind the scenes look at Codemasters, our studios are full of talented and interesting people. We've got rally drivers, paper craft creators and of course a magnitude of very talented game developers, each with interesting and unique stories to tell. Expect to start hearing a lot more from all of us in the future."

Codemasters also says that its official forums will return in the New Year via the firm's social network RaceNet.

"Speaking of the forums, we wanted to give you a quick update," the post continued. "They're currently being built and wired into our RaceNet account system which will mean that you'll only ever need one single account for all of our community websites. The new forums will be going live in the New Year and once we have a date set for launch we'll be sure to let you know. The forums will also integrate into the blog and as soon as they go live you'll be able to comment on our blog posts using the same account, making it very easy to join in the discussion."

Codemasters was forced to close its forums and its previous blog last month after the contract with its forum supplier expired.


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