Codemasters has announced a collaboration with FRONT Magazine and resident 'siren' Alex Sim-Wise. The result is a six-page feature published in this month's magazine in which Alex is transformed into a "God of Phwoar"

To acompany the magazine feature, Codemasters and FRONT have released three official wallpapers of the fantasy photoshoot. Be warned, the wallpapers do feature female nudity.

"The shoot was super rad," said Alex Sim-Wise. "I'm massive gaming geek - so taking down the incredible bosses from Rise of the Argonauts was definitely my cup of tea. The results of the shoot are incredible. So much so I've been jumping around since, casting flames from my hands. Although, I did accidentally set light to a small cat."

Rise of the Argonauts is scheduled for release this autumn for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You'll find the wallpapers in full resolution over on the game's website