Next year's Formula 1 game is unlikely to be released on next-generation consoles - despite rumours that the Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 could be released during the second half of 2013.

Instead, Codemasters appears to be targeting F1 2014 as the first F1 game developed for next-generation consoles, judging by comments made by F1 2012's game director Paul Jeal.

"I've got something that I'd love to do for [F1] '13," Jeal told GamerZines, "we're just trying to make it happen. And I think we'll probably go next-gen for '14, but who knows at the moment."

Jeal's comments suggest that the next-generation Xbox/PlayStation may not arrive until at least late next year. Codemasters' F1 games have typically released during September.

Codemasters has frequently discussed ideas it has for its Formula 1 games on next-generation consoles, including the decision to double the series' frame rate from 30fps to 60fps.

"I absolutely do [believe we'll aim for 60fps on next-gen]", F1 2012's creative director Steve Hood told during Gamescom, "and I think you've only really got one opportunity to do that.

"When the new machines come out, and we move up, its going to be an option in our tech where you can choose 30fps or 60fps. Some teams may choose one or the other. But for Formula 1 I think we'd definitely like to go for 60fps."

Neither Sony or Microsoft have announced plans for their next-generation consoles.