CoD4 dev: “I wouldn’t rule out single player DLC”

CoD4 dev: “I wouldn’t rule out single player DLC”
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Infinity Ward has told Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fans not to rule out future single-player downloadable content, but the developer doesn’t have any plans for it right now.

CoD4 is currently the most played game across Xbox LIVE and PSN and has sold phenomenally well across multiple consoles since its release late last year. While gamers have been looking forward to new multiplayer maps for some time, we haven’t heard anything about new single-player content.

When asked if gamers will ever see new single-player DLC for CoD4, Infinity Ward programmer Jon Shiring told “I wouldn’t rule it out but we don’t have any plans for that right now.”

Developers tend to prefer to release new multiplayer content than single-player content when it comes to first-person shooters. When it comes to CoD4, Shiring explained, the new DLC was in direct response to community requests.

“In terms of CoD4, the multiplayer on Xbox LIVE and PSN has been just huge, and so the response there has just been amazing,” he said. “A lot of people have told me that it’s the first multiplayer game that they’ve played, so we’ve drawn a lot of new people into our multiplayer. And the community just keeps asking “give us more maps, more maps, we love to play, we just want more variety in the areas we’re fighting in!”. So in this case the community has just been asking for more multiplayer maps so that’s what we’ve given them here.”

The new Call of Duty 4 multiplayer maps will be out on Xbox LIVE on April 4, at a cost of 800 MS Points. The content will be available on PSN for the same price “approximately 21 days later” according to Infinity Ward. There are currently no plans to bring the maps to PC. Check back tomorrow for the full interview with Jon Shiring, where we grill him on the PSN delay and what new content PC owners can expect.

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