Cliff Bleszinski has had the occasional run in with the media concerning misquotes, but that doesn't mean the Epic Games design director plans to keep his thoughts closer to his chest in the future.

Asked if he is now less likely to speak his mind, Bleszinski told "No. The fact that I've been misquoted and the fact that I now have the power of Twitter to interrupt them and stop something before it goes viral. I've had times when I say more or say less. It's just a matter of being surgical with your words right, and making sure that if you say something it can't be quoted out of context. You have to be a little bit careful about joking.

"I have done nothing but gush about Heavy Rain, but when I make one side joke about the fact I thought the kids were a little creepy, suddenly is becomes 'Bleszinski declares war on France'. No, I want more games like Heavy Rain because I love them and want to see them.

"It's been a fun battle. The beauty of Twitter is that if an article like that pops up, one of my followers will alert me to it in minutes and I check it all and I can squash the story before it suddenly become the truth. What happens is one website picks up on it, the other website picks up on it, and it says 'Hey, I heard you hate French children'. So you can kill it and nip it in the bud immediately."

"And also, when you get a certain amount of followers, by the way, you can send all your followers to a website and essentially issue a denial of service attack at your will," he concluded, before laughing and hurriedly adding, "Which I do not condone!"

Bulletstorm will be released on February 25 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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