David Scammell by on Jul 4, 2014

Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio appears to be Boss Key Productions

UPDATE: According to a Polygon report, Bleszinski has co-founded Boss Key Productions with former Guerrilla Games co-founder Arjan Brussee. The pair had previously worked together on the Jazz Jackrabbit series.

Tweets from Brussee over the weekend also appear to verify Polygon’s comments. On Saturday, he retweeted a Boss Key tweet that stated: “*Sooner than we expected. Welcome, new followers. News soon!”. He also thanked users congratulating him for his role in the studio.

An official reveal is expected tomorrow.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Cliff Bleszinski’s new studio seems to have been revealed as Boss Key Productions.

While the new studio has yet to be formally announced by Bleszinski himself, the studio’s alleged website links to his Twitter account and features the same logo worn on a T-shirt by the designer earlier in the week.

All Games Beta also appears to have uncovered information about the company’s registration, which has allegedly been active under Bleszinski’s name since April 30.

Boss Key’s first game seems to be called ‘Project Bluestreak’, although whether it’s linked to earlier concept art remains unknown.

Bleszinski is expected to formally announce Boss Key Productions next Tuesday, July 8.

Source: allgamesbeta.com


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