Future versions of Codemasters' F1 video games could feature historic or retro DLC, but a legends style game isn't something the publisher believes would work.

Chatting to VideoGamer.com at Gamescom about the scenario-based Championship Mode, creative director Steve Hood said: "We do plan to do historical things eventually when we can get the DLC included in the game, because we want to download classic tracks and cars and drivers."

He added: "We'll probably include that as DLC in the future, not for the 2012 game but, we're still in negotiations with the licence holders. Ever since we started doing Formula One people have been saying 'I wanna be Ayrton Senna' and 'I wanna be Nigel Mansell' and yeah we'd love to do that as well."

But what about a standalone legends style game featuring classic tracks and drivers?

"I don't think so," said Hood. "I mean games have done the whole vintage style before but they haven't done particularly well, and we'd like to build on top of what we've already got. It's a huge outlay for us in terms of the licensing costs so I think putting it in as some of the DLC packs might make sense."

F1 2012 will be released September 21, with a demo arriving a week earlier around September 14.