Speaking to GamersGlobal.com Civilization creator and co-founder of Firaxis, Sid Meier, has revealed that the MMO genre is something that interests him.

"I think someday I would like to try a game in that genre. It really benefits from creativity and new ideas, but we're still in the very early stages of exploring the possibilities of it," said Meier. "I certainly would like to play around with a MMO concept in the future."

Meier continued: "I enjoy the idea of doing something I haven't done before, so a MMO would fit perfectly."

Don't bank on seeing Sid Meier's MMO any time soon though, the veteran video game creator admitting he has other ideas that could take precedence.

"I really can't say if that would be the next game we do or if it's still a couple of games down the road before we come to that," he said. "... I have new single player games I want to do, as well."

Sid Meier's next title to hit stores will be Civilization Revolution, an all-new take on the Civilization franchise designed from the ground up for home consoles and handheld platforms.