Civilization 6’s Ethiopia DLC will take the turn-based strategy game for a spin, adding fanatical old god zealots and vampire units (via PC Gamer).

Before we get to that, though, the core of the DLC is the new civilization. Ethiopia is primarily interested in diplomacy, and will gain Faith from international trade routes. Also included are new buildings and districts like the consulate building which earns the player influence while lowering enemy spy levels, and the chancery building which gives the player’s civ additional Science when capturing or eliminating an enemy spy. Very diplomatic indeed. The Diplomatic districts will curry Diplomatic Favor for each delegation or embassy from a foreign civ, for those who haven’t got a penchant for smoke and mirrors. 

The DLC is built upon three pillars: faith, diplomacy, and intrigue. We’ve covered the first two key words, and the final key word introduces us to some colourful characters. 

Secret societies will give the player a special governor who orbits their cities, and offers seriously sinister extras. There’s the Hermetic Society, which reveals ley lines on the map for adjacency bonuses, and builds the Alchemical Society (also known as an amped-up university). The Owls of Minerva pull the strings with their financial influence, and build the Gilded Vault (also known as an amped-up bank). The Void Singers are zealots who claim that the old gods are still here, and build obelisks which infect enemy cities with insanity. And, there’s the Sanguine Pact, a no-nonsense sect of vampires and their units get stronger with each enemy death. They’re even able to build vampire castles which lets the player teleport units between them.

The Ethiopia DLC is available as an individual purchase or integrated into the game’s Season Pass. The latter gets the Persona Pack for Teddy Roosevelt and Catherine De Medici, which comprises a new look, new background and bonuses, and new units. 

Civilization 6 is out now for PC, Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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