NCsoft has announced the first major update to MMO City of Heroes since the title went free-to-play.

City of Heroes Issue 22: Death Incarnate will introduce new content including new powers, costumes, VIP-member content, and endgame trials.

The Darkness Power Set is designed for Controllers and Dominators, allowing them to command shadows and spectral minions.

The Dark Astoria Zone will also be featured as a co-op Incarnate zone allowing players over level 50 to participate in the "danse macabre" co-op throughout the area.

The Dilemma Diabolique Incarnate Trial has Heroes and Villains band together to defeat the sorceress Diabolique, while new Mission Arcs can be found in Steel Canyon and Cap au Diable, and new PvE trial Drowning and Blood are also available.

City of Heroes Issue 22: Death Incarnate will be available for free. The MMO went free-to-play in 2011.

If you're interested in seeing one of the best character creators of any MMO then run, don't walk, to City of Heroes.