Choose an Achievement for Prince of Persia

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Gamers are being offered the chance to have an impact on the upcoming action adventure title Prince of Persia from Ubisoft. The development team has made room for one additional Xbox 360 Achievement and is asking fans to decide what that will be. Ubisoft has outlined three so all you have to do is decide which you want included in the final game.

Achievement 1 – Longest grip fall

Free fall: Perform the longest grip fall in the game.

Achievement 2 – Xkm

Marathon: Run Prince run! Run the whole map then keep running.

Achievement 3 – Combo specialist

Combat King: Master every fight combo in the game.

Enter your selection over on the Prince of Persia website. The winning Achievement will be announced on July 1.

Ubisoft also says that PS3 owners should watch out for something special for their console too – we’re watching.

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