Ape Academy 2 joins the monkeys following their graduation from Ape Academy in a "zany" Scissors, Paper, Stone card battle. The PSP title will feature more than 100 new mini-games and support for two-player wireless play. Players can collect up to 300 monkey cards, and even take part in card battles with a friend on a single PSP. The game will ship with a special monkey shield to ensure your opponent can't see what cards you have.

The pesky monkeys are also returning to the PlayStation 2 in Ape Escape Million Monkeys. This time catching monkeys isn't enough. A war has begun and the moneys are hell bent on world domination. Players will be able to use a variety of high-tech vehicles and customisable weaponry to fight against the monkey army, as you take part in massive battle against the gun-toting primates and their gigantic ape battle-robots. An extensive multiplayer mode for up to four players and a 40-stage Survival mode will also be featured.

Both titles are scheduled for release towards then end of 2006.