Great news for fans of Broken Sword and Beneath a Steel Sky - Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons are going to work together on a new game.

Gibbons, who also drew Watchmen, broke the news to Eurogamer last week. He and Revolution founder Charles Cecil will make a new game together once they've finished their current projects.

"It'll have a strong graphic identity," said Gibbons. "It's strange - when you get the germ for an idea for something, you can almost touch it. It's like you can almost hold it.

"It's going to be something that combines a lot of the things I'm perhaps best known for, which are a design sense and a sense of symbolism and maybe an obsessive attention to background detail. If you're asking, will it look like a Dave Gibbons game, yes it will look like a Dave Gibbons game. There would be no point in Charles collaborating with me if it was going to look like a Joe Blow game."

Gibbons, reluctant to give out too many firm details, also said that we shouldn't expect a return to the territory that he and Cecil have already covered.

"We're developing something - I really shouldn't say anything more about it - but it's something I'm quite excited about and it's in an area I don't think has been explored, and it isn't France, and it isn't Paris and it isn't catacombs," he said.

"With the new game I'm going to be involved from the ground up. I have had story input and the whole thing will have my imprint on it. Even if I don't hands-on do every bit of artwork, I certainly will direct the look of the whole thing."

The artist added that he dislikes discussing ideas too soon as it can discourage you from exploring them properly.

"With ideas if you talk about them too early you kill them, you let the air out of the balloon. You say with Batman, I've got this great idea for this character called Batman. Oh yeah? What happens? This kid's parents get killed and then he decides to fight crime. People go, oh. Really?

"Or even with Watchmen: you go, it's these old superheroes who've all retired and one of them gets murdered. It's sort of intriguing..."

Colour me excited - these guys know how to make great adventure games. Though of course, there's no confirmation that it'll be an adventure game at all...