Sony's gearing up for one of the most-requested PlayStation 4 features to date with the ability to change your PSN name, but you might not want to break out the party hats just yet.

Invites for the PS4 update 6.10 beta are now being sent out, and those lucky enough to get one have reported some concerning details hidden within the fine print of the disclaimers that come with it. Sony did previously warn us that some games may not respond well to changing your name, but it's only now that it has gone into specifics.

ResetEra has compiled a list of some of the more serious issues that could arise if you change your name. It's a bit worrying, to be honest. 

For starters, changing your PSN name could potentially see you lose access to content, both paid and earned in-game, such as add-ons and virtual currency. Your progress is also at risk too, including saved data, leaderboard data, and Trophy progress.

If that wasn't bad enough, some parts of your game may not function at all, including both online and offline features, while (and this one is probably the least concerning) your previous ID may still be displayed to your mates.

As previously confirmed, changing your PSN name comes at a fee, but Sony also clarified something else of note; if you have any problems with your new ID, simply reverting to your original name may not actually fix the issue(s).

'Changing back to your previous Online ID may not fix all issues (you may not recover all or any lost content, progress and functionality,' said the format holder. 

So, it might be worth having a think about changing your name when the time comes, eh?

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