Metroid-like XBLA action platformer Shadow Complex will get a sequel, it's just a matter of when, developer Chair Entertainment has promised.

"I'll put it this way. More Shadow Complex isn't a question of if, it's a question of when," creative director Donald Mustard told Eurogamer. "Shadow Complex is our baby and we love it dearly and, y'know, we're working on some cool stuff [in general]. That's all I can say."

Fans of the title needn't be concerned that the studio's recent success with iOS title Infinity Blade will mean Shadow Complex 2 is moved from Xbox to the iPhone.

"I still cannot think of a way that we'd be able to bring over the precision controls [to touchscreen devices] that Shadow Complex needs to be amazing," he said.

Mustard concluded: "Shadow Complex is designed for a controller. I'm not a fan of trying to shoehorn console controls onto touch screens. They don't feel right. You just lose so much precision."

Shadow Complex remains one of Xbox LIVE Arcade's best games, so it's great to hear that a sequel is coming, especially after recent comments made by Epic Games VP Mark Rein that Infinity Blade has been more successful than the XBLA title.