Cataclysm is back in Anthem as players sound off that there’s nothing else to do

Cataclysm is back in Anthem as players sound off that there’s nothing else to do
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Anthem’s Cataclysm event has returned to the game, as players complained that Anthem does not have enough to do without it (via gamesradar).

The Cataclysms are 'time-limited world events that cause physical manifestations to occur: extreme weather, incursions of dangerous hostile enemies, and new mysteries to solve.' This one was the denouement of Act One: Echoes of Reality, Anthem’s first chunk of live service DLC, but it didn’t come with complications. The addition was delayed a few times, and then when it finally arrived, players encountered numerous technical problems.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that BioWare would make Anthem ‘something special and something great’, but only last week it was announced that the team are scrapping its post-launch content plans in favour of addressing Anthem’s ‘core issues’. When the Cataclysm event ended, players found that Anthem is a little bit… empty without it. ‘After this, what is left for us to do… back to freeplay and the same strongholds?’ one player said. ‘I haven't even got to play it yet, still on the story and in between playing other games, kinda sad to see it go away,’ another argued

So, BioWare quietly reinstated the limited time Cataclysm event as part of this week's reset, which brought back its arenas without leaderboards and the Shard currency system. Initially, players thought to be an accident, but BioWare's Global Lead Jesse Anderson said that the hotfix did intend for Cataclysm to return

BioWare general manager Casey Hudson recently stated that he would like Anthem to ‘grow, evolve, and thrive for years to come’, and the revival of Cataclysm may be the very first step towards certainty for the sci-fi shooter. 

Anthem is out now for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.