Dead Rising 2: Case West, the second Dead Rising 2 Xbox LIVE Arcade exclusive title, will be released on December 27 priced 800 MS Points, Capcom has announced.

Picking up where Dead Rising 2 left off, players will take control of Chuck and Dead Rising's Frank West. The two survivors must infiltrate the Phenotrans Facility in an attempt to uncover the company's murky dealings.

The downloadable game will feature new combo weapons to create, new enemies to test them on and the return of the ability to capture those magic moments on camera. The game is playable in both single-player and co-op.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero hit XBLA before the launch of Dead Rising 2 and achieved great success at a 400 MS Points price point - the promise of experiencing new Dead Rising gameplay, plus its relative low cost made it hard for fans to resist.

Now, however, fans have already experienced Dead Rising 2 and perhaps won't be so keen on the idea of playing more of the same, especially at twice the price of Case Zero.