id Software co-founder John Carmack has stated cloud gaming will be a significant part of the future of the industry, according to an interview with IndustryGamers.

The Quake creator also listed "another console generation, big MMOs on PCs, more movement towards digital distribution, and smartphones encroaching on dedicated gaming territory," amongst his predictions.

"I'll go out a little bit on a limb and say that I think cloud gaming will eventually be a significant part of the landscape. Consumers have shown over and over again that convenience can often more than offset some quality issues, and there will be significant convenience wins possible there over optical media or digital downloads. I think this is inevitable, but I wouldn't really want to be placing a bet on what the adoption rate is going to be."

Carmack is a pioneer in the industry, known for his work on Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D.

You might remember Gaikai gaining publicity when World of Warcraft was shown running on an iPad using the service. There's certainly interesting potential for the future of cloud gaming.