Capcom intends to release three major unannounced titles before April 2017, including one that it expects to sell around 4 million units within the current financial year.

The three new games were mentioned in a presentation released by the publisher last night, and include one major new Monster Hunter title and two 'Major Titles'. Capcom expects sales in the "2-million unit range" for the Monster Hunter game, with the other major titles projected to sell around 4m and 2m units respectively.

Capcom fy17

The figures suggest that the 4m game could be a new release in a major franchise, possibly a new Resident Evil hinted at by Capcom yesterday. The 2m game, meanwhile, is more of an unknown. Could it be a new game in the Dead Rising or Devil May Cry franchises, or a major new IP?

There's also no indication as to when during the financial year each of the three games are due to launch. Capcom's financial year ends on March 31, 2017, meaning they could launch any time between now and then.

Whether the games actually hit their targets, of course, is another matter entirely. Street Fighter V had been expected to sell 2m units during Capcom's previous financial year, but came up 600,000 units short, selling just 1.4m units.

Whatever the new games may be, though, with E3 just one month away we probably don't have too long left to find out.

Source: Capcom - Overview of Strategies and Plans Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2017

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